Learning to Feed My Hunger


An Honest Mom

I will never let another pair of pants tell me I’m fat again.

This from the mouth of my friend Rachael, as she speared another piece of perfectly roasted cauliflower off of the plate in front of us. We met for drinks, Rachael and I, and as the fathers of our children readied our kids for bed, we ordered another cocktail.

I eyed that tiny plate of cauliflower with resentment. It was so good. And there was so little. What a tease tapas can be.

R’s declaration convinced me of what I already knew—I must go buy new jeans.

IMG_4217 Familiar, anyone?

Oh, the ever changing expanse of the post partum body. I’ve been rail thin with huge boobs to very squishy and everything in between. The rail-thinness was the product of exhaustion, depression, and breastfeeding in my first four months with Jo. I remember being stunned by the sight of…

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Day 1

So much stress! Maybe that’s why my belly is bloated. I jumped on the scale yesterday and it said 193.2 lbs, and that’s when I decided to start this blog.

Yeah, I could just make a food journal at home or join Calorie Count but… I’ve already tried both of those things! Twice! My weight keeps creeping up on me.

So I’ve decided to blog about my attempts to get fit. I may succeed or perhaps only succeed in giving us all a few good laughs. We shall see!

Day 2

I lost 2 lbs yesterday! Maybe this blog thing is working. I also looked into Fitocracy (again) but it’s mostly boring/cheesy to me. And if I hire a personal trainer, I want to see him … “in person.” Also in a real gym, so I can see his credentials.

What did I eat yesterday?

1 PBJ with Dave’s killer bread, 2tbsp skippy PB, and 2 tsp Smucker’s Sugar Free Blackberry Jam
Yopa vanilla yogurt with Almonds
1 roasted pork sparerib
1/4 cup ice cream